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Handle helps contractors protect their rights quicker, get paid faster, and start new projects sooner.

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The complete platform for construction contractors

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Get paid faster on late invoices by instantly being able to send payment demands. All deadlines are tracked so you always protect your rights

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Handle Credit Score

Before you bid,
pre-qualify general contractors

The first general contractor credit score and report created specifically for the construction industry

  • Know who you are partnering with
  • Insights into past GC project histories
  • Comprehensive report on each general contractor
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Turn unpaid invoices
into cash

Handle gives you the option to turn your late invoices into cash at anytime so you can start your next project faster. Fund only the invoices you want and have access to cash in minutes

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The Handle Network

Handle created a massive database network that allows contractors to find suppliers in their network so they can shop around for the best prices and credit offers from suppliers in their area

3 million +



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Handle ensures all of your data is safe and secure at all times.

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All project, document, and invoice data is synced back to your accounting system automatically.