Enhance your entire waiver process.

Handle transforms the way you exchange and manage lien waivers
to save substantial time at every step.

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Create waivers   at the click   of a button

Create waivers
at the click
of a button

Handle's enhanced waiver technology puts you in the fast lane. Eliminate repetitive manual steps throughout the entire lien waiver process and take control instantly.

Smart Waivers reduce manual tasks and eliminate costly mistakes that impact lien rights
  • Automatically calculate check amounts
  • Notarizable and non-notarizable forms for each state
  • Enterprise customization available
Safeguards in  place to prevent  accidents

Safeguards in
place to prevent

Handle has built-in technology to help you avoid users accidentally waiving your lien rights.

Protection when you need it most
Better visibility  and control

Better visibility
and control

See a detailed audit history of all users and parties involved. Facilitate remote work when necessary. Administrators can also set different roles to the users to restrict what information they can access.

  • Proactive alerts of waivers needed to be sent as deadlines approach
  • Track when a new document is created, mailed or delivered
  • Actions, tasks and revisions automatically tracked

"Handle has made managing and sending notices significantly easier for us -- especially in a remote environment. We love using the product."

Kathleen Craig
Controller at CESG

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