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Handle helps you protect your rights quicker, get paid faster, and find more business.

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The complete platform for construction suppliers

Handle pre lien Handle Prelien
Step 3 Send all documents through direct mail without leaving your chair
Step 2 Instantly identify owner details and all other necessary data
Step 1 Simply provide project address and we’ll fill in the details

Create and mail
pre-liens in seconds

What typically can take upwards of an hour for each pre lien, will take less than 60 seconds including mailing and tracking with Handle.

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Handle Credit Score

contractors instantly

The first credit score created specifically for materials suppliers

  • Comprehensive 360° contractor credit-report
  • Reduce bad material loans by 47%
  • No more running expensive credit reports
  • Real-Time updates on each of your current contractors
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Handle Projects

Manage all project documents and lien deadlines automatically

Handle keeps track of all timelines for you to ensure your rights are always protected. Eliminate spreadsheets and manual tracking completely

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Make slow payers and no payers a thing of the past

Handle makes sure you get paid faster without any of the stress. Our collection management tools always have you covered

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Instant access to capital whenever you need it.

Extend more credit to your contractors

In combination with our Contractor Credit Score, Handle gives you the option to extend more credit to any of your contractors. Allowing you to sell more supplies

Turn invoices into cash

Handle gives you the option to factor your invoices instantly to fund your growing business. Fund only the invoices you want and have access to the cash in minutes

The Handle Network

Handle has created a massive data network that allows suppliers across the U.S. to find contractors within their delivery area, so they can sell more and connect directly to their buyers



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Handle ensures all of your data is safe and secure at all times.

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All project, document, and invoice data is synced back to your accounting system automatically.