Collect on your unpaid
invoices faster

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Get paid what you deserve without the hassle

At each step of the recovery process, from outreach, to asset search, to lien filing - Handle automates getting you paid.


Debtor is sent payment notices with warning of potential legal action


After you approve by email, the legal recovery process is started


Invoice is paid or payment plan started within your approved range


Time saving recomendation

Traditional Process

  • 1 week average to start working invoices
  • Lengthy contracts
  • Delays in paying once invoices are collected
  • Fees from 30-65% plus additional fees
  • No legal fees included
  • Start collecting invoices immediately
  • Cancel anytime
  • Same-day payments on collected invoices
  • Flat 10% contingency fee on collection that does not involve legal process
  • Flat 10-40% contingency fee on collection that includes legal process (all legal fees included)

Automate the collection process on your at-risk invoices

All information regarding the entire collection process and status for each invoice is instantly updated in your accounting system


Once invoices are paid, your accounting records are automatically updated.