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From lien management to business funding,
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Project Lookup
Instant Owner Identification

Provide project addresses and we'll automatically fill in the rest of the details needed.

Whether you create and mail documents in-house or outsource those processes by uploading a CSV of projects to another provider - Handle makes it easy to ensure you have the exact owner information for each property.

Deadline tracking
Deadline tracking

Automatic deadline tracking so
you never lose your lien rights.

Don’t miss any deadlines on project documents or liens. Handle helps you keep everything on track.

  • No more manual tracking in spreadsheets across departments
  • Proactive alerts of unpaid invoices as statutory deadlines approach
  • Eliminate double data entry by integrating your accounting system

We feel more secure with Handle.

“Using Handle has really helped us create a much more
efficient process with way more accurate data.“

Emily Brown, Owner, Ashby Lumber
Mailing tracking
Mailing tracking

Signed, mailed, & tracked online.

  • All required documents sent online through certified mail
  • Track progress of mailing with realtime updates
  • All documents are stored securely online for easy future access

We can also fund your business.

Line of Credit

Transform receivables into working capital
Credit of up to $1 Million
No personal guarantees
Approvals within 24 hours

Invoice Factoring

Turn your unpaid invoices into cash
Credit of up to $1 Million
Fund just the invoices you choose
No long term commitments

Material Trade Credit

Buy your materials now and pay later
Trade credit up to $250,000
Industry low rates and terms
Quick approval decisions

Handle makes getting funding a breeze.

“We won’t see funding for most projects for 45-60 days so having access to capital
through Handle allows us to take on more of the work we do.“

Michael Pinnock, Founder & CEO, Baila Floors