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Handle ensures that you get paid faster and are protected along the way in case of slow payers and no payers (automated pre-liens, mechanics liens, and more)

Traditional Process

  • Hard costs spent chasing late invoices in-house
  • 10+ hours spent each week completing manual steps
  • 1 hour average for pre-lien completion from start to finish
  • Manually looking up data for all filing documents
  • Trips to the post office to mail documents
  • Chasing down slow payers and no-payers
  • $1,596/month in average hard cost savings
  • 10-12 hours per accounting employee per week saved
  • 60 second average for pre-lien completion from start to finish
  • Automated data search so you can file all documents in seconds
  • Send all legal documents through direct mail from your chair in seconds
  • Improve overall Days Sales Outstanding by 45%

Automate the collection process on your at-risk invoices

All information regarding the entire collection process and status for each invoice is instantly updated in your accounting system


Once invoices are paid, your accounting records are automatically updated.