Accounting integrations for
even more benefits.

Handle gives you the option to integrate accounting systems to
help eliminate double data entry and manual processes.

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Accounting system  integration option.

Accounting system
integration option.

Handle can integrate with your current accounting system. Import accounting data from your existing system into Handle to get real time visibility into project payment statuses. Handle is constantly updated to ensure continuity and that our technology is in alignment with your processes.

  • Easy integrations to save time and eliminate double data entry
  • Instantly updated records without the need for manual processes
  • Option to upload .CSV or other file types if you prefer

Save time for what matters most.

Eliminate manual repetitive tasks and give your team back
extra time for more important tasks that need to get done.


Instant visibility for all invoice and payment statuses as actions occur on them


Ensure alignment of your current processes and needs


We ensure data protection for the largest enterprise companies in construction

"Handle’s technology is unique and powerful. After looking at many alternatives, Handle provides us something we couldn’t find anywhere else."

Terry Marshall CIO at  U.S. Concrete (NASDAQ: USCR)
Terry Marshall
CIO at
U.S. Concrete (NASDAQ: USCR)

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