Ashby Lumber


Lumber, Building Materials

Company Size

101-500 employees


Concord, California

See how Ashby Lumber saves significant hours per week, per employee using Handle

Why Ashby Lumber chose Handle to protect their payments and cash flow

Founded in 1888, Ashby Lumber has been a premier lumber supplier on the west coast. From material trade credit to job-site delivery, Ashby Lumber helps supply thousands of contractors with lumber and other materials for their jobs every year.

Before using Handle, Ashby Lumber was spending significant hours per week per employee within their credit department when it came to protecting their payment rights. Since using Handle, Ashby has eliminated most of those excess hours down to just under 1 hour per employee per week.

Watch a video testimonial

Watch a video testimonial.

“Using Handle has really helped us create a much more efficient process with way more accurate data - while saving time and money.“ Emily Brown, CEO, Ashby Lumber
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Decreased costs and improved productivity

When Ashby Lumber chose to implement Handle’s software, they were able to get everything up and running within a week. From training to accounting system integrations, Ashby Lumber hit the ground running quickly. This made an immediate impact on their current work flows. What used to take many hours per employee, is now taking less than 1 hour while using Handle.

In just the first month of using Handle, Ashby Lumber saw a large decrease in hard costs related to protecting payments. Time savings and increased productivity also increased efficiency across all departments within the company.

“We have seen a dramatic decrease in overall hard costs and a spike in team efficiency across multiple finance and credit departments since using Handle.” said Emily Brown, CEO at Ashby Lumber.
See how Ashby Lumber saves significant hours per week, per employee using Handle

Optimized workflows

Existing work flows were optimized immediately and the results have proven it. Previous work flows such as manual deadline tracking in spreadsheets are now tracked automatically, allowing teams to focus on other areas of the credit and collection business – while not having to work overtime to get those tasks done like before.

Previously, each project also had to have substantial time spent finding document details such as owner information, verification, property APN’s and more. All of this is now instantly provided to Ashby Lumber through Handle.

From just a property address, Handle instantly finds all necessary document details for each project and verifies all owner information. This not only saves time for the team at Ashby Lumber, but it also ensures that the information on every payment document is accurate and meets the legal requirements.

Automatic Deadline Tracking & Owner Verification

Automatic Deadline Tracking & Owner Verification.

Ensures you have the exact owner information that is required for each project document - in seconds. As well as automatic deadline tracking for every project payment.
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Here’s to the future

Ashby Lumber has been constantly growing as a business year over year for over a century. With the increase in projects every month, Handle’s software becomes increasingly impactful across the entire financial department.

We recently sat down with Emily Brown, who is the CEO at Ashby Lumber. She walked us through the history of the company as well as the impact that Handle has made on the business. Click the video above in the beginning of this page to see the full story.

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