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How CESG uses Handle to protect their credit and project payments

CESG leverages Handle to protect their credit risk and project payments

Critical Electric Systems Group (CESG) is a leading provider of electrical services across the United States. Offering 24/7/365 on-demand customer service, CESG’s team has been designing, fabricating, installing, maintaining, and servicing turnkey solutions for customers in a wide variety of industries.

Since starting with Handle, CESG has transformed the way they protect their project payments and manage their credit processes. What used to be done through many manual repetitive processes, is now being optimized using Handle’s software tools to help reps save time and increase productivity.

How CESG uses Handle to protect their credit and project payments

Increased productivity and time savings

CESG performs hundreds of electrical projects at any given time, this can become a tough battle for the credit department to manage. Before using Handle, many of these processes were being performed and tracked completely manually. Deadline tracking for project payments, owner verifications, and much more was being tracked in spreadsheets and done over the phone.

Now, Handle’s software helps CESG keep track of all payment deadlines for every project automatically. No more spreadsheets and double data entry amongst various systems of record.

Owner verification is also performed instantly on every project entered into the Handle system, saving reps up to 5 hours each per week. This allows reps to focus their time on other areas of the business such as credit applications and collection processes.

“Handle has made managing and sending notices significantly easier for us -- especially in a remote environment. We love using the product,” said Kathleen Craig, Controller at CESG.
Instant Owner Verification & Deadline Tracking

Instant Owner Verification & Deadline Tracking.

Ensures you have the exact owner information that is required for each project document - in seconds. As well as automatic deadline tracking for every project payment.
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Facilitating remote work and visibility

COVID19 has forced many businesses to adopt remote work. At CESG, everyday roles in the Credit and Collections departments are crucial to the entire company’s cash flow. They had to facilitate a remote working environment quickly.

CESG searched diligently for a solution. They chose Handle for the ease of use, quick implementation, better pricing, time savings, and visibility across their team’s processes. Amplified due to the pandemic, CESG now has full visibility across all tasks performed amongst its many projects – whether they are in the office or working remotely.

Enhanced team visibility

Enhanced team visibility.

See a detailed audit history of all users. Actions, tasks, and revisions are automatically tracked: who edited, what they edited when they edited it.
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Scaling forward

CESG is constantly growing their business and adding more and more projects every month. Handle will be right there as they continue to scale and help aid in optimization at every level of volume.

With more time to focus on other important areas of the Credit and Collections department, CESG is now poised to continue to increase cash flow while protecting their project payments at every step of the way.

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