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Software that won't disrupt your current workflows.

Our technology enhances your current workflows so you save time and hard costs on manual work you are already doing.

Whether you create and mail payment documents in-house or outsource those processes by uploading a CSV of projects to another provider: Handle has a better - more cost effective - solution.


5 seconds
With other providers you will typically have to wait up to 48 hours for this information.

Average hours
saved per

47 /hours
Saved by customers protecting their payments with Handle software

We even keep track of your payment deadlines.

Our tools track your deadlines so you can take next steps.

Lower Hard Costs.

We can lower your hard costs. It's that simple. Because we use technology instead of manual "research teams" to fill out payment documents, we are able to pass that cost savings on to you.

Our data is also more accurate because we instantly pull the information directly from the sources that are required by law (land owner deeds, titles, and more).

Ashby Lumber lowered their previous hard costs by 43% using Handle software instead.

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All-in-one platform built to protect your cash flow.


Ensures you have the exact owner information that is required for each document - in seconds


State specific documents so you know you are legally compliant


Instantly sign all of your documents with legally binding electronic signatures


Track progress of all documents sent online through certified mail with realtime updates


Automatically track all deadlines and receive alerts to take action when needed


Construction specific reports that provide more in-depth pictures of who you work with.

Line of

Turn your receivables into an instant line of credit so you can improve, control, and grow your business on your terms.


Stop waiting around to get paid on past projects and turn your unpaid invoices into cash for working capital.

Trade credit
for materials

Don’t wait to get paid for past projects before buying materials to start new projects.

Purchase order

Have your materials available for your clients - from your local suppliers - before even starting the work.

Sell your
mechanic’s lien

Get an upfront cash offer for your mechanics lien within the next 24 hours.

Construction Expertise.

Handle offers live dedicated human support with quality account managers assigned specifically to you. We are always here for you through live chat, email, and phone support.

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