Weekly Roundup: Bill on California bond amount, top contractors’ focus on tech, & more

Weekly Roundup: Bill on California bond amount, top contractors’ focus on tech, & more

Contractor Insider is a weekly roundup of the latest news and insights relevant to contractors.

Proposed senate bill to review California surety bond amount

If enacted into law, a new Senate legislation would allow the re-examination of the contractor license surety bond amount in California, which currently sits at a relatively low $15,000. For Construction Pros

  •  Senate Bill 610 could lead to an increase in the current California surety bond amount if the license board determines it is appropriate to do so. The recommended course of action will not be implemented until 2024.
  •  The legislation could also potentially introduce stricter rules for contractors with a judgment against them. Persons of interest could be prohibited from being licensed to serve their roles until they have settled the judgments.
  •  Construction bonds protect the contractors’ customers and the state in which they are performing their jobs. Failing to honor the applicable laws could lead to customers filing a claim against the contractors’ bonds.

Top 400 contractors focus on construction tech

Employing advanced construction technology is one of the common grounds among the top construction firms recognized in the ENR Top 400 Contractors list. Construction Dive

  • Artificial intelligence tools such as is used by several of the largest contractors in construction. uses photo and video technology to identify safety risks in a job site, including misplaced personal protective equipment.
  • Multiple firms are using machine learning technology which only helps improve the capabilities of the software. As more information from different projects is fed into the system, the technology becomes better.
  •  Some companies like Messer Construction is funding research on new construction technologies, while companies like Moss is investing in emerging technologies like TRIVA, which monitors equipment and staff movement in a facility.

67% of highway contractors report vehicle crashes into work sites

A study by the Associated General Contractors of America states that 67% of highway contractors have had motor vehicles crash into their work zones. AGC

  •  “There are simply too many cars crashing into too many work zones, putting too many lives at risk,” said AGC spokesman Brian Turmail. In response, the association launched a media campaign informing drivers to slow down and be mindful when driving by construction areas.
  •  Of the reported work zone vehicular accidents, 28 % involved driver or passenger fatality. There is also a 28 % injury rate for construction workers, 8% of which have also led to worker fatality.
  •  On top of the nationwide media and outreach information campaign, the association is also looking to work with construction technology companies to develop systems that could alert workers whenever vehicles get too close to a work zone.

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