How to Drastically Improve Construction Operations with Field Resource Management

How to Drastically Improve Construction Operations with Field Resource Management

In the construction industry, managers oversee much more than just the project at hand. They’re also responsible for keeping track of the materials, equipment, vehicles, and workforce associated with the job. However, managing all these aspects of the business well and efficiently can seem impossible. This is why many construction companies throughout North America utilize a field resource management system to monitor vehicles, track valuable assets, reduce job costs, and improve safety. 

Track Valuable Assets 

While tracking vehicles is a priority for most construction companies, tracking powered and unpowered equipment is equally important. Monitoring the real-time location of valuable assets is useful for inventory purposes and providing detailed tracking for utilization monitoring and theft recovery. Additionally, having this information at your fingertips on your mobile device is essential while overseeing a project. Ideally, when not in use, it’s best to store your valuable assets in business storage. This way, you are guaranteed that your items are safe and secure.

Monitoring the real-time location of valuable assets

Reduce Job Costs 

As you know, there are several things that can increase costs during a construction project, including fuel costs, vehicle maintenance, theft reduction, and time clock fraud. 

Wasteful fuel behavior such as excessive idling, speeding, and personal vehicle use can easily run up your fuel bill. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, an estimated 6 billion gallons of gasoline and diesel combined are lost to idling every year. Additionally, employees using company vehicles and fuel for personal errands can add up over time and significantly increase the overall bill. Employing a field resource management system can help managers catch and correct these poor habits before they cut into the bottom line.

Chances are your drivers put tens of thousands of miles on vehicles annually. An improperly maintained vehicle can cost a company thousands of dollars in what could have been preventable repairs. This is why receiving alerts when vehicles are due for service or reach a certain mileage can save a fleet a lot of money on potential repairs later down the road.     

According to the National Equipment Register 2016 Report, the total value of stolen equipment in 2016 was close to $300 million. This is often due to thieves accessing job sites after work hours and on the weekends. Without proper theft prevention, it isn’t difficult for thieves to remove a piece of essential equipment from a job site. Having a field resource management solution for these assets allows managers to secure equipment in order to avoid repurchasing stolen equipment. 

Projects can quickly go over budget when crews arrive at job sites late, take extended lunch breaks and leave early. Potential payroll fraud losses vary based on the number of employees and the hourly rate. Here’s a Payroll Fraud Calculator to determine how much money your company may be losing due to inaccurate timekeeping. A rield resource management system with a time clock feature can help you recoup this wasted time by eliminating your paper timesheets and replacing them with mobile time clocks that ensure employees are being paid only for the time they are working. 

Keep Your Workforce Safe 

Fleet risk notification system

Company vehicles are common in the construction business but also present a potential legal liability. Any accident caused by driver negligence could cost millions of dollars in legal damages. Having a system that notifies the management of posted speed limit alerts and aggressive driving incidents can assist in curbing poor driving habits that put your drivers and company at risk. 

About FieldLogix

Since 2002, FieldLogix has been one of the more enduring and efficient field resource management companies in the industry. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) company helps organizations improve the monitoring and managing of their mobile and fixed assets.  

FieldLogix has grown rapidly to become a leading fleet management & mobility provider and has been profiled in numerous publications and selected as one of the 10 Most Innovative Fleet Management providers by Insights Success magazine. 

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