Business Tips: How to Keep Your Construction Site Sanitary

Business Tips: How to Keep Your Construction Site Sanitary

Keeping the construction site clean can be challenging at times. After all, the space is under constant assault from metal shavings, drywalls, sawdust, and other materials. While each area of the site needs to be maintained accordingly to warrant a sanitary and safe working condition, it is especially crucial to keep a close eye on the state of the toilets and other sanitation facilities.

After all, just like builders insurance, clean construction site bathrooms, and clean hands can help ensure workers are safe and protected at all times while on the site. Also, integrating good sanitation practices in the construction site can minimize accident risks, reduce liability, and dramatically improve productivity.

The Importance of Health and Safety in the Construction Industry

Undoubtedly, health and safety are some of the essential considerations before any construction project gets underway. In other words, all aspects of safety and health are already considered before stepping foot on the construction site.

Health and safety are especially crucial in construction since the industry can be prone to hazardous situations. To ensure health and safety, keeping the site sanitary and well-maintained is a massive step in the right direction.

Some statistics show that a small portion of construction workers sustain work-related injuries, while another percentage suffer from work-related illnesses. This can result in unhappy and unproductive workers.

There are many reasons why the construction site should always be kept sanitary and uncluttered. Below are some of the relevant reasons why a hygienic and well-maintained construction site should be a top priority.

A sanitary and well-maintained construction site can help improve workplace safety.

The construction business is undeniably a hazardous industry. Construction workers face dangers from working with power tools, from considerable heights, and other dangerous materials.

A cluttered and unsanitary work area can also add to the hazards construction workers face. A single fall or slip can become even more severe if it happens at the wrong place, like a pile of steel bars or a pile of broken glass.

A sanitary and well-maintained construction site can help promote a smooth workflow.

With many things going on in the construction site, a cluttered area with a lot of rubbish can surely hamper the workflow. Often, the construction site is populated with tools, equipment, and workers, making it challenging to navigate at times. Of course, it can become even more challenging to get around when piles of rubbish are thrown into the equation.

A sanitary and well-maintained construction site can boost productivity.

Working in a construction site with rubbish and scattered debris can significantly affect productivity. Without a doubt, a clean and well-maintained construction site is more conducive to productive work. When they are productive, expect that workers would be able to cover more in a given time.

A sanitary and well-maintained construction site can give the impression of professionalism.

A clean construction site is essential if you want to give clients the impression you are a professional company with a good reputation. An orderly and clean construction site can also signify quality workmanship and show that you have everything under control.

Regular housekeeping allows you to help the community and the environment.

Routine housekeeping can help ensure you can segregate various kinds of wastes and dispose of them accordingly. This can give your construction firm an excellent reputation while dramatically contributing to the community and the environment at the same time.

Regular housekeeping can help you identify the rubbish that can be recycled.

With regular housekeeping, proper segregation of wastes is also a lot easier. In other words, it is a lot easier to determine which ones should go to recycling centers. This will not only help boost the image of the construction firm, it can also help contribute to taking care of the environment.

Keeping Your Construction Site Sanitary: Top Tips to Keep in Mind

If you want to keep your construction site as sanitary and safe as possible, keep the following tips in mind:

Recycling and Trash Containers

It’s almost impossible for your workers to keep the construction site sanitary and clean if they don’t have easy access to recycling and trash containers. Also, if trash and recycling containers are not situated strategically or if there are not enough of them available, it would be difficult for workers to dispose of any waste they want to throw away.

The trash and recycling containers must be emptied regularly. Ideally, a pair should be placed near the construction site entrance and exit. This is great so workers who just arrived or are about to leave the site, can throw their garbage with ease. It’s also ideal to place trash and recycling containers near frequent traffic areas, including break areas where people eat.

Hand-Washing Stations

Water and soap are two essential resources your construction site should not be without. Both are important to mitigate the spread of sickness and germs. If your workers are not provided with good quality hand-washing stations, they will be forced to work, eat, and use the bathrooms without sufficiently cleaning their hands.

Regrettably, depending on the project, workers might not have easy access to fresh and clean water. Fortunately, there are several ways you can work around this issue. For starters, you can invest in portable hand-washing stations for your site. The units can be easily situated near portable potties for convenient and quick use.

High-Quality Portable Restrooms

To ensure the construction site is always clean and sanitary, it is vital that workeres are provided a sufficient number of comfortable and clean bathrooms. However, it can be challenging to determine the number of toilets the team needs accurately at times.

One portable potty should be provided for every ten workers in the construction site as a general rule of thumb. For instance, if you have 24 people on your team, having three bathrooms is ideal. Round your workers up to the nearest multiple of ten, so you are guaranteed there will be no long bathroom queues.


The importance of keeping the construction site clean and sanitary cannot be overemphasized. With all the top tips above, keeping the construction site sanitary and well-maintained should be a walk in the park.

This is a guest post from Rachel Porter, the content specialist for Custom Contractors Insurance, LLC, an Arizona roofing and contractors insurance company. When not writing, she enjoys reading and mountain biking with her friends.

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